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RAINBOCORNS! 3 EASY HACKS: HOW TO FIND the RAINBOCORN U WANT! Rainbowcorn Unicorn Sequin Surprise egg! Welcome to Up and Play! Today we are unboxing RAINBOCORNS by Zuru Toys! Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise eggs are so much fun!! Plus we share with you 4 EASY STEPS and 3 HACKS to finding the RAINBOWCORN you want! Collect them all!!

The new Rainbocorns are SO COOL! They are super soft plush toys and made of sequins and have a bunch of hidden surprises! Every Rainbocorn comes in a special magical egg. There are a total of 12 to collect! The Rainbocorns come in 6 different species. Monkeycorns, Kittycorns, Bunnycorns, Puppycorns, Hamstercorns, and Unicorns.

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In each species there are 2 different types.
Monekcorns: Melody, Loco

KittyCorns: Snapcat, Gigu

Bunnycorns: Hopcorn, Hipity

Puppycorns: Scout, Scruff

Hamstercorns: Munchiw Pixelle

Unicorns: Dazzle, Sparkool

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